Fears around Money

When we have fears around money, we tend to think if we make more money, or have more money in savings, or more assets, we will feel better and more secure about ourselves and our lives. However, I see the opposite actually happen. The more people have and the more they spend, the more their fear. We can never make enough money to feel safe.

So if feeling content, safe, secure, and being at peace isn’t really about how much money we make, what is it about? It’s really about trust. Having faith and trusting that we are on the right path, taking the right actions for our lives, and knowing that we will be taken care of…NO MATTER WHAT. This is a very difficult thing to do.

However, it is so important. Because if we can get to this place, without a lot of money; once more money starts to flow in, we can actually enjoy the money, spend it more mindfully, and attract more of it to further our purpose in this world. And we are in a place of joy and peace while we do this. This makes all the difference.

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