What is your value to you?

Our value as human beings and the things we create have value just because we are alive and just become it is something we have created. When we look to others outside of ourselves to give us our value by showing their approval for us, our value can then change at any time. If we look to how much money we make, or what things we own, as showing us our value, again…our value can literally change at any time. However, if know who we are; if we are connected to our purpose here on this planet; if we are aware that we are each special with our unique talents and experiences and are meant to share those with others in the world to make this experience even better, then our value never changes.

We ALWAYS know our worth…whether or not anyone else sees it. So…how we value ourselves shows up in our work, money and relationships. As business owners, it can also show up in the types of employees and customers we attract, as well as how much we are willing to charge for our services and products. Assess how well you value yourself and then once you discover the areas you need to strengthen, work on improving your value intrinsically.

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