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Build A Sustainable Workplace Culture One Coaching Session At A Time.

Organizational success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it requires a commitment to having a vision that lays the foundation for an aligned team, accountable leaders, and empowered team members.

At the heart of our programs is the belief in self-awareness and value.

While there’s no “I” in team, every member of your team is essential. Let’s develop strategies to make everyone feel psychologically safe and contribute to your organization’s success.

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Exponential Growth Planning Days

Leaders lacking clarity and focus cannot motivate their teams to reach their goals. Your business will be filled with discord and low morale with no vision. I facilitate a process that guides business owners- and their teams to grow exponentially. Together, we will:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Create organizational discipline
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Set clear, strategic goals and action plans

These planning days occur on a quarterly basis. We can facilitate sessions with other entrepreneurs or privately within your business.

The Benefits of quarterly planning includes:

  • Developing strategies that will lead to long-term company sustainability
  • Enhanced workplace morale as a result of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication development
  • Powerful relationship opportunities with clients and the community at large
  • Predictive sales as a result of improved business development

Implementation Coaching

An Exponential Growth Planning Day is the first step in more effective organizational and leadership development—the next step: Implementation Coaching.

At the heart of Implementation Coaching is a simple purpose: to support your organization in maintaining its momentum so you can accomplish your business goals set during your Exponential Growth Planning Day. These coaching sessions happen twice a month on a bi-weekly basis with the business owner and key team members.

The benefits of the Implementation Coaching Program include:

  • Define and execute organizational goals
  • Create action-oriented, strategic processes that will support organizational goals
  • Guide leadership to course correct when challenges are present
  • Hold the business owner and team members accountable for implementing action plans
  • Navigate team conflicts with the support of an objective perspective

SH!FT Your Mindset

Mindset Shifts Will Promote Organizational Productivity

Better leadership and team development always begins with increased self-awareness. If you’ve got a talented team that is disconnected, it will impact your bottom line. Frustration, ineffective communication, and interpersonal interactions will hurt your brand.

The SH!FT program is the answer. Offered through group or one-on-one sessions, your team will develop the skills to support their professional growth and your organizational goals.

The SH!FT program will help employees and leaders become more self-aware so that they can:

  • Communicate effectively with others, reducing workplace drama and toxicity
  • Develop an enhanced organizational brand that can recruit and retain talent
  • Reduce stress management and increase productivity

Every member of your organization deserves to feel supported and heard. Let’s find effective methods of training ourselves to meet the needs of others.

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